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Our app is available to download from the Apple and Google Play store. You can search "The Sweet Collective" and look for our logo, or click one of the links below:



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And why everyone loves it!

Shop live with us in real-time.

Mostly on Monday nights, we feature all of our newest arrivals with try-ons and we answer all of your questions right there and then; how it fits, what's the material, is there stretch, etc. Make sure you go to your phone settings and manually turn on notifications to be alerted!

Shop live sales when it's convenient for you.

We love this feature because you will see a list of all of the items showed in each live sale. When you click on the images, it'll take you directly to where in the live sale we do the try-on. And vice-versa, if you click on any product not from a live sale, if there is a play button on the image it was featured in a live sale and you'll be able to view the try-on video from the live sale. 

Earn Shop Credit from every purchase.

You earn 3% shop credit back to your account on every purchase you make, to use toward your next order. Shop credit never expires. You will see your accrued shop credit total in the bottom right corner of the app "Account" on the very top of that page when you click into it.

Earn Shop Credit with Referrals.

Each user has a special code assigned to them when they sign up. When you share it with a new shopper, they will receive 10% off their first order, and you receive 5% credit from their order! Win-win! You can refer as many people as you want.

In the app, click on "Account" in the bottom right corner. Scroll down to "Share & Earn Credit" and click on it. Select 'copy' and paste it into any text message draft and send to a friend who hasn't shopped with us on the app!

The Waitlist

Whether we're live or not, always, always add an item that you 'must have' to your waitlist. When an item is added to someone's cart, it will be deducted from the quantity available shown, often times as sold out. The item isn't sold out until it's actually paid for. Therefore, an item can fall out of someone's cart, and if you're on the waitlist it'll drop into your cart first before going back into the inventory for anyone else to shop. But you have to be quick! There is a cart hold time of 30 minutes. You will get notified when an item drops into your cart.

Pre-Authorize Waitlist

This option is immediately available right after you add an item to your waitlist. If you choose to pre-authorize an item you are moved to the top of the waitlist for it, and the moment that item becomes available or 'in-stock' your card will be automatically charged for it and an order will be created. This option is only for those items you cannot live without but was not able to add to cart and purchase right away. We do our best to restock most-wanted items. And when we do, those who pre-authorize are glad that they did.

Keep In Mind

App Notifications

Make sure your app notifications are turned on to be notified when we go LIVE & for promos we occassionally send. You can ensure it's enabled by clicking "Account" in the bottom right of the app. 'Notifications' will be shown as "Enabled" or "Disabled" and you can adjust it through your phone settings. You won't be able to set it through the app.

Cart Hold Time

Due to the demand of our styles, cart holds per item is 30 minutes. After that timeframe, an item will make its way down the waitlist/pre-authorization list or it'll go back into inventory.

"Back in stock" items are also 30 minutes per item. You will be notified if a back in stock item drops into your cart.


Same as placing orders on our website, shipping is a flat rate of $9 or free on orders over $175. We also have the option for local pickup if you are in Minnesota. 

In the case that we have multiple days of back-to-back live sales on the app, we offer a free shipping window...

Free Shipping Window

When you place an order on the app and pay $9 shipping, you have 24 hours after each order to place another order and NOT be charged additional shipping. If you place multiple orders that accumulate to over $175, reach out to us and we will credit you a $9 shipping reimbursement.

Live Sale Shoppers are Quick!

Be ready with fast fingers to click on an item you want to add to cart. Most of our items sell out during live sales. Make sure your internet is up and working! (But also and as always, shop responsibly!)

Shop Responsibly

Only add to cart the items you really want. As mentioned, when an item is added to cart it's removed from inventory and those who actually want it may miss out on it. Also, only purchase what you can afford.

Abusers, Beware!

When we find customers who abuse our credit system, they will be banned. For life. We don't condone liars and cheats. We'll catch you. We're a small company and work hard at what we do to provide everyone with amazing, good quality pieces. Treat us well and we'll treat you well. 

More questions?

Using the app at first can be confusing, but we promise that it's really user friendly once you get the hang of it.

Let us know what additional questions you have!

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Now that you've got a clear view of how our mobile app works, download it by clicking on one of the below links for your mobile device.



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