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Short Girl's Club

We aim to meet the needs of women who are about 5’3 and shorter. The owner, Mina Vang Branch is 5 feet tall and struggles to find clothing that fits. So as a fashion lover, starting a clothing company for short women made sense. All of the items in our shop are short-girl friendly, but keep in mind that most items are made with a fit model who is 5’8” or taller, so really, anyone can shop them. What we do is scout and curate our collection to accommodate shorter women. From adjustable straps to shorter lengths, we do the research and ask the right questions to bring these amazing pieces to you. Most of our jeans will be petite friendly. As one of our specialties, we can also cut raw hem jeans to your desired length. Most importantly, we value quality in our products. We pride on the longevity and timelessness of our pieces. On occasion, without the right knowledge we'll bring in pieces that we don't love, but we will always be open and honest about an item that isn't up to par.
We are an online based, e-commerce shop with an office, warehouse and small boutique brick & mortar in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We started as online-only, but have since expanded to a store front at the demand of our local customers. Our main focus is online sales, so we are only open Thursdays, Friday and occasionally on Saturdays, for both pickups and in-person shopping. We can be flexible--please reach out to us via Facebook Messenger so we can set up an appointment for you to come in Monday-Wednesday or after hours if needed.

Meet The Founder

Hello! My name is Mina. I am the owner and founder of The Sweet Collective. I'm the Hmong-American gal in 99% of our photos.  I started The Sweet Collective as a creative outlet, showcasing my love for personal style and fashion. This extends from my various fashion-related endeavors, such as styling for fashion shows, attending the Fashion Retail Merchandising program at the Art Institute of MN, and the honor of styling for New York Fashion Week. I’ve also dabbled in personal shopping. But my love for clothing started at a really young age, about 5-6 years old. We spend most of our lives trying to figure out our life purpose. I've found mine--this is it. 
All of the pieces you see online are a reflection of what’s in my own closet and part of my personal style. As fashion evolves, we evolve with it and do our best to keep up with the East/West coast trends, but keep it simple for the Midwest-ies. I am focused on effortlessly chic styles that are simple with a trendy twist. I also love a sophisticated, timeless look and often will bring those in. 
I’m lucky enough to be working alongside my Amazing husband, who also has a retail background. And on occasion, Penelope (our 7 year old mini dachshund), who will show up and put in her work. (Lots of pets and cuddles.)
Dream, believe achieve. <3