Grab Bag - Summer

    Grab Bag - Summer

    • Barcode: 48118865
    For products with both size and color options, select your size first then the color choice available.

    3 items for $50 or 5 items for $70.

    -Your Grab Bag will include 3 clothing pieces for the price of $50 or 5 items for $70, whichever you select. All items have a retail value of $100+.

    -Get out of your comfort zone and trying something new on a bargain! Keep an open mind that you may receive pieces that you wouldn't typically shop for. 

    -Sets are considered 1 piece each. For example, if you receive a top and bottom set, that is considered two pieces in your Grab Bag.

    -We will look up previous orders to make sure we don't send you items you already purchased and stay as close as we can to your style.

    -All items are final sale and cannot be exchanged or returned.

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