Grab Bag

    Grab Bag

    • Barcode: 72101969
    For products with both size and color options, select your size first then the color choice available.

    -Your Grab Bag will include 3 clothing pieces for the price of $60. All items have a retail value of $100+ and can be new or older items.

    -Get out of your comfort zone and trying something new on a bargain! Keep an open mind that you may receive pieces that you wouldn't typically shop for. 

    -Shop by size and style. If you are a frequent shopper, we'll look up your order history to get an idea of sizing for better fit. Sizes XS, XL, 2X & 3X will be limited.

    -For 1X-3X those items will be from the "Plus Size" clothing you see on our website. You can click HERE to check out those items. Please note that when these sell out we will not be bringing in more plus size clothing for the moment.

    -Occasionally, if you are a small and we have an item in a medium that we think would fit, we will include that in your order. Please include any special requests with your order or send us a direct message via social media or email

    -Sets are considered 1 piece each. For example, if you receive a top and bottom set, that is considered two of three pieces in your Grab Bag.

    -Each order will receive a "gift with order" whether that be a $10 e-gift card or another item from the shop. This can be an accessory or clothing item.

    -Gift cards will be disbursed electronically. You will receive two notifications:

    1. An email, FB or IG message directly from someone at TSC confirming an E-gift card has been issued.

    2. A store generated email with a gift card code to use on your next purchase. 

    -We will look up previous orders to make sure we don't send you items you already purchased. 

    -All items are final sale and cannot be exchanged or returned unless there is a defect to the item.

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